This story takes me back to the late 80's when I created my first mix tape ... a combination of Vanilla Ice + Milli Vanilli with me as an 8 year old voicing the talk breaks. I loved watching Molly's music segment on Hey Hey It's Saturday, just as much as I enjoyed recording the ARIA Awards on VHS year after year.

As a young adult, I first joined the world of community radio (2000) focused on youth issues. Fast track to 2016, the year I joined the team at Southern FM, hosting breakfast radio. You could say I had a light bulb moment (or rather an epiphany) when I realised the struggle faced by new + existing artists when releasing new music. With my professional background in career development, I felt there needed to be a platform for singer songwriters to launch their career. When you listen to any commercial radio station on any given day, you'll likely hear music from the names that you know... what about the unknown who today might have a small Facebook following + tomorrow a national presence. Everyone starts somewhere. My inbox was literally flooded with Aussie singer songwriters screaming out for publicity + exposure, but more importantly, to be heard.

I kicked off the elliedofficial.com journey on August 1st 2016, aspiring to shine a light on undiscovered Aussie talent. This all began when Aussie singer songwriters started reaching out to me, asking how they could grow their presence when competing with household names. Soon enough, I found myself posting interviews with upcoming artists on this site, then representing the talent I was showcasing by way of publicity + as a booking agent.

In my second year of sharing my love for Australian music, I have a bigger plan (+ that's no secret). I have listened to (+ read) your feedback, redesigning this site to give you more variety + more Aussie music.

I am sure you would appreciate knowing that none of the singer songwriters showcased on my site have paid a fee to be featured. Providing the opportunity for you to meet the next wave of musical talent is my passion + focus. If you'd like to show your support for what I continue to create, including my plans for a podcast + YouTube channel, you can click here to show me some love.

If you are an Aussie singer songwriter + you would like to feature in my BIG Aussie <3 playlist, Spotlight, Aussie Gig Guide (or maybe you'd like to work with me offline), you can hit me up by clicking one of the buttons below for the relevant area of interest.

Thank you for sharing in my passion for the Aussie music scene. I know it's appreciated by all involved x