BIG Aussie <3 Playlist

If you're anything like me, you've not only got a THING for Aussie music but you also want NEW Aussie music. 

Drop by every Monday to catch the newest additions to my BIG Aussie <3 Spotify Playlist, created especially for you.

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Killer Bees - Demon Days
La Di Da - King Social
Bad Dream - The Jungle Giants
Stone Men - Dappled Cities
Sorry To Say - The Belligerents
Queen of Boomtown - Gretta Ziller
Come Together - Luke Million
Not Worth Hiding - Alex the Astronaut
I Feel Nothing - Openside
Man In The Trenchcoat - ROO

Deepest Creatures - Evan Klar
Malfunctions - Kopano
Fighter (Water from Stone) - The Quick & The Dead
I Knew This Would Happen - Niko
Kerosene - The Romeo Knights
Burning - Mitch King
Fancy Woman - Meredith Whittle
Dua Dara - Hoon


Don't Let Go - Basenji Mereki

Be Mine - Mihka Chee

Answer To - The Creases

Fool I Am - The Soul Movers

Messed Up - Wild Honey

Born By The Starry Night - V.B. Paterson

Arty Boy - Flight Facilities

Heads High - River Lane

Hold Me - Two Steps On The Water

Diamonds Outta Dirt - Michaela Jenke

The Last Goodbye - Tanya Ransom

Closer - Hash

Troubled Mystic - Liminal Drifter / Chloe March

Say It Now - South Village

The Villain - Casey Donovan

Too Long - Gymnastics In The Seventies

Lean - Hamjam

Stuck anywhere - The Attics

Gutter Truth - Al Carr & The Strong Arm

The Heist - Five Coffees

Radar - Noah Slee

New Additions Monday 28 August, 2017:

All My Friends (Are Liars) – Hurst

Only Hope – Raindrop

60% - Alice Skye

100 Degrees – Little Wise

Strong Hands – Ben Catley

Dune – The Cameramen

I Wanna Fight – The Ruminaters

He’s My Baby – Noire

Love Decide – WHARVES

Cinder Bloc - Darts

Mama (A Song for Chris) – Anna Farquhar

Watch Me Read You – Odette

Where The Wind Blows – Sametime

Indian Pacific Express – Wireheads

Christian Syrups – Crocodylus

Fishing With A Shotgun – Good Boy

Hope – Greenthief

Whose Side Are You On – Luke Yeoward

Universe – Jess Locke

Keep Back – Lupa J

Skin Scenes – Baltimore Is Here

New Additions Monday 21 August, 2017:

Ride It – Meg Mac

Dancer – Ella Fence

Running – Anna O

Shark Fin – Husky

Sippin’ Rose` All Alone – Hamjam

I’ve Been Wrong – Food Court

Testify (feat Fred Leone) – Birdz

Static (feat Mondecreen) – Citizen Kay

West Sydney – Izzy

Freq U – Miss Blanks

Waiting For You – Lucy Neville

Midnight Hour – Teischa

Act of Misacting – BANFF

Views Looks So Good – Lakyn

Bulletproof – Turner

My Head – Tori Dunbar

Hold It Together – Dan Sultan

Can’t Get Enough – Christian Patey

Treetops – Cloud Control

Reality Television – Backyard

Forever – Brentwood