Aussie Music Review with ROO

Rock & Roll Is Dead

Port Royal

Rock and Roll is alive and kicking with this rifftastic jam.  You’ll be boogying like nobody’s business to this one.

Space Cadet


Count down and lift off into a quirky pop-rock world.  This track will have you grooving like you’re at the disco and headbanging all at once.


Red Aster

Haunting, groovy and a little bit dank in the best way possible.  This track will have you shoe gazing and swaying.



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Aussie Music Review with ROO

Which Comes First 

Fragile Animals

Lilting vocals and a driving, indie rock feel.   This track will have you shoe gazing and playing air guitar at the same time. 

Tony’s Chicken Warms My Heart

The Tin Knees

Atmospheric and quirky.  This song is sonically interesting and very cool.  Best served with headphones.

Dance On Your Grave

King Social

Such a fun tune with a slightly sinister title.  Pop fans will indeed be dancing along to the funky rhythms of this track.



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We'll try our best to review many tunes as possible x

Ellie D Chats with LANKS

Where do you write your music and lyrics?

Music I mostly write at home in my little home studio set-up. There’s a desk, a laptop, a mic, a keyboard and a guitar. That’s it really. I often write lyrics in that space but I also have little poems and bits that I write in my phone notes when I’m on trains, planes or riding in ubers.

What do you hope to achieve by contributing to the Australian music scene?

This is a question I’ve been reflecting on a lot, especially in the current context of the #metoo movement and the discussions around equal pay and safe spaces in our industry.

As someone who has a modest platform within this industry I really want to be a make sure everyone feels welcome and to support people within the industry. There are artists doing amazing things that people aren’t hearing for various reasons and through collaboration, sharing their work, playing shows and encouraging others we can help make it a really vibrant, supportive community.

I want to be an artist that explores things that are real and hopefully can inspire others to push themselves and explore their own feelings and experiences in deep and meaningful ways.

LANKS’ debut album ‘twentyseven’ is out Friday 27 April

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Which music artists would you consider collaborating with?

There are so many amazing artists out there right now. I’d love to write more with Mallrat, or Odette or one day to create with Mo or Charli xcx would be pretty wild. Also I love Tyler The Creator and would love to one day make something with him. That’d be cool.

What advice do you have for upcoming singer songwriters?

Write a lot. Read a lot. Be humble and approach your journey as a long one. It will take time to get where you want to go, so remember: the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Also, don’t be a dick. And most importantly, have fun and enjoy it! Why else would you do it?

Ellie D Chats with Slowcoaching

Where did your musical journey begin?

I've always been a big music lover, going through punk phases & classic rock phases haha. I think I really started to take it more serious when I started writing original music with friends during high school and shortly after; just having that confidence to put something more personal out there. 

Who is the inspiration behind your music?

There's no one person really, just a desire to challenge myself and try to do something different. Inspiration generally pops up when I'm least looking for it, so it's not always right there in front of me. I'm into a lot of different music that inspires me to keep creative, most recently the likes of Captain Beefheart, J Dilla & Pink Floyd. Traveling, family, friendships - all keeps me pretty alert.

What plans do you have plans to tour?

At the moment I’m in a pretty heavy writing stage, so I think when all of these new songs start to feel right, we’ll try and take them on the road. I absolutely love touring & I’m hoping to get this music around a few regional parts of Australia this year.

Where do you write your music and lyrics?

I usually write all my music from my home studio, but I've been in the bush recently writing a bunch of new stuff, which was a surreal experience. I worked pretty hard lyrically as well and found some new, exciting ideas that I'm really keen to try out. I generally keep a notebook that I jot interesting words in, so I guess lyrics are written pretty much everywhere!

What advice do you have for upcoming singer songwriters?

Don't delete your ideas! I've done this in the past and regretted it. If you record something on your phone, or a demo on your computer & you think it's shit, just keep it, because it might strike you again later on. I think most music sounds different every single day, so you never know, a crap idea might come in very handy later.


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How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?

I guess dream-pop is pretty accurate - lots of reverb and chorus haha. Sort of along the lines of artists like The Smiths or Wild Nothing, who were huge influences on me when I started.

Which music artists would you consider collaborating with?

That's a tough one, as I tend to write alone, but I'm a huge fan of some upcoming Australian acts like Middle Kids and Totally Mild, I think they're both doing some fun, interesting stuff. I'm really hanging out to add some female vocals for the album, so that may be the next challenge!

What do you hope to achieve by contributing to the Australian music scene?

Something different I suppose. I love watching people at shows, especially when they're completely engulfed in the music, or can find something really relatable, so I guess that's something I set out to achieve. I think making those sorts of connections as a live band is really, really important.