An Interview with Cosmo Thundercat

  Ellie D Chats with Cosmo Thundercat

Ellie D Chats with Cosmo Thundercat

How would you describe your music to the world?

Anthony: It's always evolving. It's raw and passionate folk-rock with a sparkle of garage unpredictability and pop finish. It's contained, but a little wild

When did you realise your musical potential? 

Sammy: I think it’s those little moments when rehearsing or playing live. Being in a band the musical potential really sets in when everything sounds like one. It's not just a matter of everyone playing in time or all the right notes, it's that something that happens and those feelings that can warm or shiver the soul.

How does your role in music contribute to your bigger picture?

Sammy: It certainly helps you find out who you are. You have to wear your heart on your sleeve and open up to acceptance and criticism in a public forum. 

Anthony: I agree, writing music is a raw and exposing process. People see that first hand, and come to know another part of who you are.

From where do you draw your inspiration to keep creating music?

Anthony: The power of creating something out of nothing continues to remain a mystery to me and something that provides inspiration to keep writing. There are always key influences or 'go to' records for musical inspiration, but I find it's important to stay open to different sounds and artists, and experience music in a live setting.

What does it mean to you to be representing Australian music?

Anthony: Australia has it's own colourful musical flavour. It's great to be part of a local and national community of musicians from Australia.

Sammy: It's something to be proud of. When I listen to many upcoming bands I can hear in their music, it seems they are trying to disassociate themselves from Australia as much as they can. There's nothing really wrong with that, if that’s the goal, but I feel your music in someway should show ties to where you’re from.

What’s one lesson you’ve learnt that you’d like to share with other aspiring musicians?

Sammy: Embrace the struggle of being a musician, throughout playing in bands and being involved in local music scenes we’ve seen a lot people with real raw talent just throw it away. When music rips your heart out, write a song about it and keep going.

Anthony: Your sound and music will develop through live experience. Music brings forth some really great and interesting people. Take it seriously, but not too seriously - be aware, but have some fun and enjoy the ride.

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Where do you hope to hear your music over the next 12 months?

Sammy: On the radio is the obvious one, but Cosmo Thundercat has created some music, which I would really love to see in films. The lyrics and melody seem to capture something honest and humble and I think they would provide a fitting backdrop in a motion picture.

Anthony: Bouncing from people's earphones and blaring out of car windows. We are hoping to have vinyl copies of our next release, so also through the ridges of a turning record.

Which single moment would you look back on now that makes you proud?

Sammy: The moment we got a physical copy of our latest release, that feeling of accomplishment and reminiscing of all the ups and downs from the process of making it. 

Anthony: Listening to the final mix of our EP before it went off to print gave me a real sense of pride. So much of oneself goes into making music and to hear it finished at the end is so rewarding. I still look back fondly to playing in Her Majesty's Theatre to support Augie March. It was always a dream to play in a real, old school theatre like that. 

Any plans to tour? Release new music? 

Sammy: This past month we have released our new single, ‘Warning Bell’ off the upcoming EP of the same name. Our tour schedule takes us up and down the east coast throughout most of October and early November. Starting at the Milk Factory in Brisbane on October 15th and finishing in our home town Adelaide at the Grace Emily Hotel on the 5th of November.

Anthony: yeah, we're really excited to be sharing something new!

When did you take your first big step into music?

Anthony: When I got my first Fender Telecaster. That was a game changer.


Sammy: Bruce Springsteen would top the list at present; the themes in his songs I believe are ever present and I always find distinctions about what he sings about and can relate them to my own life.

Anthony: Agreed. Let me also add The Rolling Stones. That'd be ultimate.