An Interview with Rachael Kane

  Ellie D Chats with Rachael Kane

Ellie D Chats with Rachael Kane

How would you describe your music to the world?

Delicate, Powerful, True.

When did you realise your musical potential?

When I let go of the idea of becoming a pop star and who I thought I wanted/needed to be in the world, I started to re-connect back to the real me, who I was when I was really little, before I had any ideas about becoming anything. And I realised that I was already someone very beautiful. I started to feel there was more to me and more to life than the way I was currently living. And I asked myself, “Why have you been trying so hard? Who you are is so much more magnificent than anything you could possibly try to be”. Once I knew that, I began to feel a responsibility to reflect that in music.  

Any plans to tour? Release new music?

Yes - in regard to making new music. I can’t see that stopping any time soon.

What’s one lesson you’ve learnt that you’d like to share with other aspiring musicians?

Us human beings spend a lot of time in our heads, thinking, projecting, calculating our next move. Some thing that I’ve learnt is that following a mental idea or picture of what we think we want or need to be doesn’t work, because it comes from a lack to begin with, a foundation that says I am nothing to begin with, which is completely untrue. If I come from that, I will feel like I need to create something to be liked, popular, win the recognition of people etc. Once I started to let go of the pictures I had, there was space for me to connect to my body and feel who I truly am, and it was already all there. No need to aspire to anything.

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The bigger picture for me is about people. Connecting more deeply with each other, having more meaningful conversations, opening up to being who we really are on the inside and sharing this out in the world. If my music can support somehow in this way then that’s awesome. 


My inspiration for writing songs comes from the love and joy I feel inside me and sharing this with people. Once upon a time I thought love was an emotional thing that I could only share with certain people in my life, like my partner, my friends and family. But now I feel it as an openness, an expansion, an over arching thing that I can share equally with everyone.