An Interview with Ayla

  Ellie D Chats with Ayla

Ellie D Chats with Ayla

How would you describe your music to the world?

I usually go with indie-pop. The melody, and especially lyrics are really important to me, more so than the production side. I’ve always found writing to be a great expression and a great way to convey messages that might be difficult to talk about in other formats.

When did you realise your musical potential?

I was always singing and writing little bits of songs since I could talk. Music was always something that I did, but I just thought it would be something I did as a hobby or on the side. When I was in year 11 at school, people started to get a bit more serious about career choices. I had considered a whole bunch of different options like accounting, surveying, journalism… (I also had a dream of being a tennis player for about a week, until I realised you have to be good at tennis for that). It was around the same time that I started to perform more regularly and found that music was what I really loved doing, and that I should pursue it for as long as I can. That’s what I’m doing now, but I still play a bit of tennis on the side.

When did you take your first big step into music?

Like I mentioned, music is always something that I’ve been involved in. It was gradual at first; I went from singing and making up songs to learning some instruments, then busking and playing at school events and then getting into gigs like house concerts, local events, weddings etc. I had always been writing my own music, but it definitely got pushed to the side for a couple of years (when I was 15 and 16) when I started playing a lot of covers gigs like that – both solo and in a duo for a while. I was still doing some original shows, but my first ‘big-step’ with original music was definitely doing a proper studio recording (not a demo on garage band mixed by a friend) of a song called Wish I Was, and releasing that. Amazingly, it got picked up by triple j pretty quickly, and that’s when things started happening; like getting management, starting to get some more original festivals, starting to tour etc. It’s been amazing fun since then! 

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How does your role in music contribute to your bigger picture?

Music is my bigger picture. I was thinking the other day about what I would be doing if I didn’t sing, and I started freaking out a little bit, because I just can’t think of anything else! I’ve definitely got ideas in the back of my mind of what I could do

From where do you draw your inspiration to keep creating music?

I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Our house was on top of a hill and had a great view out to a valley with mountains beyond that. It was a pretty amazing, and definitely inspiring, space to write songs in from a young age. Mostly songs come out as an expression for me, whether it’s something I had been thinking about, or something that comes out subconsciously. Writing songs is also just a fun thing to do, so sometimes it’s just for fun and there isn’t really any ‘meaning’ or ‘inspiration’ behind the song other than that. Writing is just something I’ve always done, and I think it’s so ingrained now, it would just be weird to stop. It’s definitely a great expression, like any artform.


I’m currently touring around a single I just released in September called ‘Like the Other Kids’. Around the rehearsals for this tour, I’ve also been recording for the rest of the songs that will join this one on an EP. It’s been a lot of fun working with people on this EP that I haven’t worked with before, and I’m really happy with the way it’s sounding. My band have been coming in for the recording process, and we’ve also been working hard on our live show, so it’s been great to share that. We’ve just played at the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers and the Caloundra Music Festival.