An Interview with Mickey

  Ellie D Chats with Mickey

Ellie D Chats with Mickey

How would you describe your music to the world?

By listening to my music, I feel you can get to know me better than listening to me speak. I try to be honest with my lyrics and expansive with instrumentation, so you can always expect the odd sax solo or slide guitar in the mix. You can always rely on vocals and a certain sense of 'Mickey' to dominate the song, something I believe you will only understand after listening.

When did you realise your musical potential?

Sometimes I feel music has been the general outcome of my life. I struggle to remember when I began anything in particular but I do know I began songwriting at 8. This led to placing first alongside a group of peers in a school based songwriting competition. I realised a great love and potential for music at this point. 

Where do you hope to hear your music over the next 12 months?

On every single radio I and everyone around can hear! Realistically I would love to be embraced by the incredible community radio stations of Australia.  However I will always hope for the highest outcome, that everyone gets to hear on every radio station. 


There are definitely plans for a tour and to release new music. The official dates will be released in 2017, I also have some pre releases of these singles to be released in December and one currently available for listening called Clever Clones on my website, where you can also subscribe for exclusive pre releases, competitions and giveaways @

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How does your role in music contribute to your bigger picture?

I believe that my role in music allows me to understand my emotions and the affect they have on those around me. We all live such busy and hectic lives, and many of us struggle to stop for a moment and simply think. Music allows us to do this. In particular songwriting forces me to be honest and logical, and after all music is what emotion sounds like, and that means music allows me to understand and treat myself as well as those around me better. 

From where do you draw your inspiration to keep creating music?

Nature, friends, fantasies and of course other music. When I sit and play guitar there are no boundaries, no rules, and no expectations. I can listen to the wind, think of incredible memories, pretend I am Freddie Mercury or be so excited by a song I have to try and write my own. 


There are many Dream acts as I am sure would be the case for everyone, but to single it down to one, that would blow my mind beyond recognition... I would have to choose The Killers. I have been a fan since I was a teenager and I know they put on an incredible show.


Fight the fantasy, embrace the reality. If you want to be successful, look at things realistically. It's 100% okay to want a single, a music video and to share that with your friends. In fact that's the beauty of it all, and where the most fun is had. But if you want a career you need to research, network and work hard among many other things. And to do all of this you have to love music so much it never even feels like 'real' work.