An Interview with Moorditj Brothers

  Ellie D Chats with Moorditj Brothers

Ellie D Chats with Moorditj Brothers

How would you describe your music to the world?

Unpretentious didge, drum and dance jam band inspired by  acoustic roots, rock, reggae, spanish and blues.

When did you realise your musical potential?

All 3 of us have played in different projects over the years. We are just 3 mates from the same area and decided to get together for a couple of gigs and it took off really well.

Where do you hope to hear your music over the next 12 months?

We want our music to be heard anywhere. We believe its just easy going and can be listened to from chilled to having a boogie.

Any plans to tour? Release new music?

We're just about to head into the studio to record a new single and have been thinking about heading east for a show or 2. But we will be continuously touring south and north in WA.

When did you take your first big step into music?

All of us having played the open mic scene believe that was our first biggest steps into the industry.

What does it mean to you to be representing Australian music?

We love it. We love getting onto stage no matter how big or small the stage is. Everything from weddings to our own headline shows.

What’s one lesson you’ve learnt that you’d like to share with other aspiring musicians?

I think it's just about being professional. Doing what you say you're going to do and not being fake or false about things.

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How does your role in music contribute to your bigger picture?

Having been involved in music for a number of years i see myself as not only a musician but a promoter. I organise most the shows and tours and like to put on good shows. Not just a gig. 

Which single moment would you look back on now that makes you proud?

Releasing all my albums would have to be the proudest times of my career. (3 solo and 1 with the band so far).

From where do you draw your inspiration to keep creating music?

At the moment we draw from a wide range of influences. From timmies harder rock style drummings now moved over to standup drum kit. We go from John Butler and Xavier Rudd sounds to reggae rhythms and cheesy spanish stuff.

What’s your dream act to support?

We honestly love playing with any bands. It's all fun for us. Obviously any of the big guys such as John Butler, Xavier Rudd, Ben Harper to the up and comings such as Tijuana Cartel to the staple Ash Grunwalds, Blue Shaddy etc.