An Interview with Thundamentals

  Ellie D Chats with Morgs from  Thundamentals

Ellie D Chats with Morgs from

how would you describe your music to the world?

An arrangement of sounds having melody, rhythm and usually harmony.

where do you hope to hear your music over the next 12 months?

Gas stations, public toilets, elevators and laundry mats around the globe.

From where do you draw your inspiration to keep creating music?

New sounds and experimentation usually. And, just being around Poncho.

who is your dream act to support?

Weird al Yankovic.


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when did you realise your musical potential?

Recorder lessons Year 4. Mr Smith looked over to me and said, "son you have a gift, don't fuck this up".

which single moments make you proud?

Was definitely proud to raise money for the Asylum Seekers Centre, being able to do my art and raise money for this cause was a great feeling.

your tour looks like it's really taken off. when did you take your first big step into music?

I never really took a big step, i got into music in high school and naturally progressed throughout the years. I stopped working a day job around 4 years ago so i suppose that was a big step into full time music.