An Interview with Alphamama

 Ellie D Chats with Alphamama

Ellie D Chats with Alphamama

When were you first inspired to become a music artist?

I always knew that I had it inside me from a very young age. Performing gave me the biggest adrenaline rush and I loved the fear it conjured inside. When I watched my first musical, Man of La Mancha, I cried because I saw myself on stage doing that but it took me a while to realise that I could actually make it a reality.

What’s the message behind your music?

I wouldn't say that there's a single message behind my music. But I just want people to remember how to FEEL. I'm passionate about life and about people and I just want us all to remember how much power we actually have and I wonder why we choose to only use a small portion of it. This plays out in so many areas of life. When we stay in jobs we hate, destructive relationships or even the fact that oppressive governments are made up of a few people and yet control masses of people. There's so much insanity that's ingrained into our society and the people who question it and dare to oppose it are seen as the insane ones.  It's ridiculous that we've allowed ourselves to become so small and powerless. I would love to see the rebel hearts returning in us where we'd rather die than not live in our integrity. Give life and ourselves enough respect to just do the damned thing and be amazed and amazing!

Where do you hope to see yourself in 12 months?

I'm so glad you asked this question cause this is actually an exercise I practise everyday. I vision my life a year from now as if its happening...! It's a great way to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind and keep your imagination vivid, plus it gives you awesome happy chemicals! So I'm gonna answer this as if its already happening! 


I've established God Queen as a significant player in the Australian music industry. The music we're releasing is changing people's lives in profound ways and we are growing our community rapidly. We have successfully run at least 6 Music Entrepreneur Mentoring programs helping at least 120 artists get their shit together. We will have signed at least 3 new artists to the label and are developing more artists. Our studio is fully running with an in house producer/engineer and is producing spine tingling magic music. Australian and International radio is all over it and there's a huge buzz in the industry about what we're doing collectively and how we are changing the industry. God Queen in continuing to create new income streams for the artists in our collective through corporate and private partnerships and patronage, performances, workshops and through this income we can support community in the free workshops we provide. I'm speaking on industry panels on the Artist/Activist/Entrepreneur hybrid and also on ethical, sustainable business models for new record labels. I'm in the midst of launching God Queen bases in NY, LA, London and Berlin and expanding our network across the world. I'm rocking sold out shows at festivals and touring with Queen Cxnt the theatre show and also playing ALPHAMAMA shows with my band that feel more like spiritual journeys than just a music gig. I'm also in the conceptual stages of creating a new album to accompany the new book I'm writing.

What comes first - the music or the lyrics? Why?

Sometimes our hands are driven to furious writing as a balm for our soul wounds, sometimes the scent of rain reminds you of the dance you haven't danced since you were 3 and sometimes someone gives you a beat that makes you imagine the ancient stories of yours and your father's ancestry. We are sentient beings who perceive things consciously and sometimes as an artist, super consciously and turn what we see into art. The fact that we have the ability and the absolute privilege to create art in a time where we're not being killed for the way we think is in itself a huge motivator for me to create. Words, melodies, harmonies, rhythms, visuals, fashion, language, crying, laughing, shouting, dancing... they're all just different forms of aesthetics.

How do you define success?

I define success as having the ability to dream up goals for yourself and achieve them. Goals that benefit not only yourself but all of the world. Also designing your own lifestyle in a way that enables you to be well, abundant, in harmony with self and others and always expanding. I view life as a game and its a game I love to play!

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Who inspires your musical creativity?

Honestly, my friends! I'm surrounded by amazing creative artists of so many different mediums! I absorb so much from observing my daily life and the universe, there's never an excuse to not be inspired. More specifically, 2 of my biggest inspirations right now happen to be my best friends Alice Night and Bravo Child. I love visual art as a spark for creating. Artists like Lina Viktor and Larry Carlson blow my mind.

What do you hope to achieve through your music?

1. Allow people to transform themselves and find new perspectives on life.

2. Connect with people who are on a similar wavelength and create strong community around the world.

3. Increase the influence of my music, so that I can stand on the same stages as artists like Beyoncé or Kanye and direct audiences' attention away from self-obsession towards self-love, away from the distraction of entertainment towards being empowered through it.

4. Be medicine for the world.

5. Enable women to step into power.

6. Express myself as authentically and honestly as possible. 

What single moment in time stands out to you as a highlight?

Standing on the streets of Brooklyn at 3am with my soul family, singing to a man in a truck as tears streamed down his face and him telling me that he had given up on life but my song brought him back to life. That was a profound moment of knowing what I'm here to do.

Where is your music currently featured?

Someone just messaged me yesterday telling me that they've had my first album (Truth, Trips and Revelations) on repeat in their car for 2 weeks now. That's a pretty dope feature for me.

Where was your album recorded, tell me about the process?

This new record was recorded in Sydney at a studio in Alexandria with my friend Liam Quinn (Quinnzilla) co-producing with me. I went in to record a vocal session for another artist a few months ago and I was blown away at our synergy in the studio. We work together really fast and effortlessly. I had already had in mind that I wanted to record a poetry and music EP and so it just flowed into this new record of songs and poetry and has happened so organically. It's my guts spilled out between sounds and song. I've collaborated with some amazing producers on the record too... A couple of Sydney based producers also featured on the record; Stackhat and Mushroom Scientist and also two producers from the states; Ahmed Sirour (NYC) and Skaggs (LA).

What impact do you see yourself having on the music industry?

My whole steeze is empowering artists to become activists and entrepreneur hybrids. I see the music industry as a place where spirituality, abundance and politics can meet beautifully. I see creative, intelligent, deeply feeling artists who are brave and educated and organised enough to manage resources, becoming world leaders. I see myself establishing new music business models that challenge and revolutionise the way we've been doing things. New ways that are cooperative, ethical and have a high sense of responsibility for the world. I see myself introducing more conscious music into popular culture, changing the language we use in our song-writing to empower and not degrade women. I see myself being responsible for hundreds of thousands of women entering the music industry through my mentoring programs and finding their places there. I could go on and on about this!!!