An Interview with Phoebe Sinclair

 Ellie D Chats with Phoebe Sinclair

Ellie D Chats with Phoebe Sinclair

Which music artists have influenced your musical style?

I'm a huge fan of  power women in the music industry! I absolutely love Ellie Goulding, Sia and Adele; they've all been a huge impact on what I do. Individual sounds, powerhouse vocals, lyrics that make you think and epic stagecraft; they've all shaped me in one way or another. A little closer to home though, I've been loving Thelma Plum, Chet Faker and Troye Sivan, making such incredible music, and building it from Australia has been so inspirational and has definitely influenced me a great deal too.   

What’s your proudest career moment?

My proudest career achievement to date would have to be my single launch. I played a few shows across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast and was met with overwhelming positivity! There was a moment during one of my songs, where I looked down and could see my amazing little fanbase singing along. They knew every single word, excitedly jumping along to it, and in that moment, all the hard work was totally worth it. I swear, I could barely sing for smiling! 

As an artist, what’s on your musical bucketlist?

My musical bucketlist is absolutely brimming! There are lots of things I want to achieve in my career, and amazingly since starting out 12 months ago, I've managed to tick a few things off already, so it's only up from here! I want to reach the stage where I can tour my show internationally, have a fan base right across the world and to see as much culture as I can along the way. I'd love to be able to make a difference; it always feels a little delicate assuming that your art is going to make a difference to someone, to anyone's life, but there are so many ways music helps people. My biggest love is live music; so in making a difference I want to help keep the live music scene going (by being a part of it), to keep supporting local artists and emerging talent as well as big international stars (by attending it), and to remind audiences how vital live music is (by purely and unadulterated-ly loving it). I'd love to collaborate with some of my heroes - to be able to perform next to Ellie Goulding or to work alongside Troye Sivan, or to be able to write with Alex Hope, Max Martin or Greg Kurstin would just blow my mind! There are a few giant venues I'd love to be able to say I've played; but one of the stand outs for me, bucketlist-wise, is to play a sold out show in Brisbane's Riverstage one day. 

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Where did my journey begin?

My musical journey started long ago, I'm the third of four musical children, so as soon as I stepped into the world I was immersed in music. We always sang in the car, and taught each other how to harmonise (largely so we could each have our own part). As I got older I found that the more I played music the more I enjoyed it, and amazingly, so did other people! 

What’s coming up for you over the next 12 months?

The next 12 months are going to be wild! This is my debut EP so everything has been super fresh, but I'm already keen to put what I've learnt into practice for my next release! I've already made a start on my next EP, I can't wait to get back in the studio and let the creativity get heavy again. Following that release though, I'm looking to move to the UK. I grew up there and would love to check out the scene, write as much as I can, learn a little about myself and basically see what happens!

What words of wisdom do you have for upcoming music artists?

As a fairly goofy newbie, words of wisdom mightn't be my strong point yet. However, the biggest piece of advice I can give to anyone keen to make a start is to just do it. I hate to steal the mantra of Shia Labeouf, but he's onto something. Make a start and take the leap you've been avoiding so far. Write that song down, show it to your friend, book that show, and don't take the feedback too hard. No body wants to see you fail; they're always rooting for you.