An Interview with The Superjesus

  Ellie D Chats with Sarah McLeod from The Superjesus

Ellie D Chats with Sarah McLeod from
The Superjesus

When were you first inspired to become a music artist?

I always loved music and played guitar and sang a lot but never thought of it as a career. When I was young I was obsessed with the stock market and the idea of big business. I wanted to be a broker. When other kids had pictures of Rick Astley and David Hasselhoff on their walls, I had posters of the Bull The Bear and The Stag. I used to go down to the exchange and watch the trading after school (when there was still an actual stock exchange) . Then one day my life changed when I went on a holiday to Bali with 3 of my school friends after our first term at Uni. The girls convinced the Balinese band to call me up for a few songs, I had never been on stage before. I climbed up, kicked the singer off, grabbed his guitar and started to play with the band. A massive penny dropped, for better or for worse, and I never looked back. 

What single moment in time stands out to you as a highlight in your music career?

The year we won best rock album at the ARIAs. We were in the middle of an American tour. We had a few days off in Chicago. The band took it easy while I was sent on a whirlwind 48 hour adventure. I flew to Sydney for the arias , won the award, partied all night and caught the red eye to LA and then on to Chicago , only to have the cab pull up backstage at The Metro Theater 15 minutes before show time. It was relentless but super cool. 

How do you define success?

I define success by how I feel I sit within the scale of my potential. I know what I am capable of in my heart of hearts and how hard I need to work to reach my full potential. It's not about how anybody else perceives me, it's a journey up my personal ladder and whether or not I'm prepared to put in that time to be the musician I know I can be. No matter what you tell yourself, to know you can be better but not put in the work will slowly destroy your chance of happiness. I'm not where I know I can be yet, but I'm getting there and I'm getting happier every day.

What message do you have for aspiring musicians?

Write music that makes you happy. This game is too hard with too little reward to be in it for anything else. Long after the free beer and chicks wear off, you've gotta keep slugging your wears wherever you can, so make sure you enjoy it. 

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Who inspires your musical creativity?

No one artist in particular inspires me solely, more of a collage from many. I take inspiration from from everything that excites me. The main era I draw from is the 50's and 60's. I love the style of songwriting during this time. Simple and catchy but with interesting major to minor jazz chords. The writing of this era is all very similar and has a definite style.

What’s a highlight from touring around Australia?

The greatest thing about touring around Australia is also the worst thing about touring around Australia. The distance between the towns. In any other country you drive a few hours to your next gig, over here it can be 10 hours at a time. Although this is a major schlep, it's also a damn good way to see the country. I feel I've seen every nook and cranny of this country and I know every service station! It's a really beautiful country , you can go one way and be in the tropics or turn a different direction and be in the snow... We've got it all!  

What are your plans for the next 12 months?

The Superjesus is my main focus for the rest of this year, our new EP has just been released and we have a national tour in October (with our label mates The Art and Moon) . Next year I have a very exciting project in the form of a new full length solo album being released, (it is one that I'm very proud of )which will be followed by a full length Superjesus album.