An Interview with Ben Mitchell

 Ellie D Chats with Ben Mitchell

Ellie D Chats with Ben Mitchell

Where was your music first played, and how did your career evolve from there?

The first time I remember hearing my song on radio was a community station in Melbourne, I think it was 3CR. I’d written a love song for a girl I’d fallen in love with who was going overseas, and we only had a week together before she had to leave.  I remember hearing this song on community radio and thinking this had gone on air from being played live, and it was the first time I felt legitimised that my music was out there in the real world. I’ve now had my first commercial radio play with Ocean Road from my album Summer Lover, that got played around the country and that was very exciting. 

Which music artists would you consider collaborating with?

Well that’s pretty open. I always find that it’s a bit spontaneous, you meet musicians and you click, get a vibe and you feel like you want to make something together. At the same time I do aspire to work with people who have inspired me. I wouldn’t mind doing a version of The Football’s On, a song I’ve written recently, with Paul Kelly – he’s such a great songwriter and a great Australian singer/songwriter. I think that he would find the heart of that song and it would be really fun to do that song, especially with him. There are other international artists I’d like to play with as well. I really like KD Lang, Norah Jones and I reckon also Isabella from The Preachers, and Kate Miller-Heidke – I love her stuff from Fatty Gets A Stylist.

What words of wisdom do you have for upcoming music artists?

Keep it simple, keep it honest and keep it fresh. Be true to yourself. As much as we are influenced by other people, it is quite a challenge in modern day life to find your own voice and let it out. Trust that you’ve got something that’s worth sharing, and worth finding your voice for. 

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Tell me more about your new album, Summer Lover?

It’s all about loving summer, and falling in love in summer. It’s also a metaphor for life as summer. We’ve got to love life while we have it because it’s just a season in the end. I’m not quite so deep on all the songs but certainly that is a feeling that I felt while writing the music, and while recording it. I really wanted to make something that had a summery, energetic feel to it. I hope I’ve done that with Summer Lover. 

What’s coming up for you over the next 12 months?

Worldwide, international #1 hit and taking the rubbish out. It looks like I’ll be getting to play at some cities and states around Australia I haven’t played at yet, Sydney and hopefully across to Adelaide. A bit of a tour, promoting my album Summer Lover at every opportunity I get.  

As a singer/songwriter, do you have plans to write more music?

I’m always writing music, it’s one of my challenges in life. I feel like I’ve got more music in me. I love writing music and it’s finding a home for them that’s a challenge for me now.