An Interview with Stillwater Giants

 Ellie D Chats with Kyle Lockyer from  Stillwater Giants

Ellie D Chats with Kyle Lockyer from
Stillwater Giants

Where did your musical journey begin?

As a band - in Angus’ TV room as we started jamming on riffs and ideas.

Myself - on the piano stool in Margaret River.

How do you define success in the music industry?

It seems really hard to answer that in this day and age. The music industry is much more arbitrary than it used to be. Playing to large audiences appears to be the most fun and productive way to harness support, so I guess one way of putting it would be, the larger the crowd, the larger the success. And boy, are we successful.

Which music artists have influenced your musical style?

Every one of our members have shit taste in music, hence how successful we are. I’m a huge fan of John Mayer, I guess you could say he has had a huge influence on me socially (you better watch out). Henry likes to rip-off Coldplay (meta-stealing), and Angus is very hard to impress with anything, including himself.

Where was your music first played, and how did your career evolve from there?

From what I remember, our first ever show was at the Railway Hotel in North Fremantle (huge crowd of 4, hence how successful we are), and I believe that lead to us competing and winning the annual Gozzy Rock Competition not long after. After playing a few festivals and gaining support, our single ‘Fly Under The Radar’ was a big opportunity for us as it harnessed attention from Triple J.

As an artist, what’s on your musical bucketlist?

Touring internationally! I think that’s every aspiring artists dream, but it really would be such a great experience and joyride for a band such as us. 

What words of wisdom do you have for upcoming music artists?

Don’t push in a D# where it doesn’t belong, and never fall over on stage and rip out your lead in front of 5,000 punters.

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Who is the inspiration behind your music?

Bruce, Mick Fanning, Zen and Sean Rockpit. These guys proved to us that playing God, punching sharks, taking over the world and rocking out is what it takes to create manifest semi-ok tunes.

What do you hope to achieve through your music?

Honestly, playing festivals and travelling to awesome venues is what we look forward to. We strive to get the opportunity to play our music to audiences around Australia, and hopefully around the world. Fingers crossed.

What’s your proudest career moment to date?

Probably being the first band ever to perform at the Perth Arena, and Kyle being the first person to unwillingly stack in on stage and hinder part of the performance. Big crowd though, hence how successful we are.

What’s coming up for you over the next 12 months?

We are currently working on demos for the next release, and hopefully the first of it will be out next year. Next month (September) we head out across Australia with the recently reformed End of Fashion boys, which is looking to be a pretty fun ride.

Which music artists would you consider collaborating with?

I tend to have a soft spot for artists which we have got to play with and know a bit, such as British India and the Powderfinger lads, but right now collaborating with bands such as DMA’s, Sticky Fingers and Last Dinosaurs would be a pretty big highlight.