An Interview with Australia

 Ellie D Chats with Joey from Australia

Ellie D Chats with Joey from Australia

where did your musical journey begin?

Oly and I (Guy) have been writing music together for a long time but we would procrastinate and faff a lot. Nick came in and made the music heaps better and also gave us the push to get it done properly.

Who is the inspiration behind your music?

I used to write a lot of sad melancholic music but never really enjoyed playing those songs live. With Australia I wanted to make music that conveyed the feeling I was trying to communicate but also made people want to boogie.

what's your proudest career moment to date?

Hearing songs you've made on a record player for the first time is pretty special. Is has a kind of legitimacy to it that other mediums don't. A bit self indulgent but it is the music industry lol.

what's coming up for you over the next 12 months?

Writing for the next record is on it's way so hopefully making an album.

where was your music first played, and how did your career evolve from there?

FBi Radio have been amazingly supportive of us from Who R U? onward.

which music artists would you consider collaborating with?

Lots but I think the issue is they wouldn't consider collaborating with us. Having Joe Driver and Wade Keighran in live band had lifted the shows immeasurably so we're definitely keen to work with other people.

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what do you hope to achieve through your music?

I think we'd all be making music even if it were just for ourselves but I guess we just want to make music we like listening to and playing. If other people do too that's awesome. 

How do you define success in the music industry?

I wanted this record to get enough attention so that there would be at least a few people interested in the idea of another one. I guess it seems good to set small goals  one after the other so it changes all the time. Next goal is to make another record.

which music artists have influenced your musical style?

Talking Heads / David Byrne, St. Vincent, Kirin J. Callinan, The Triffids are some of the big ones, but there are a lot of our friends that make music and influence us too. It's more exciting boucing off people who are sharing the same experiences and seems to be how some of the best music is made. Bad Jeep (now Shearin') was a big one around the time our album was conceived.

as an artist, what's on your musical bucketlist?

Skydiving, swim with sharks and we'd like to climb the highest mountain on earth.


I feel this is the blind leading the blind a bit here but just make sure you'd happily spend time with the people you're working with outside of music. Like at the park or at the pub.