Aussie Music Review with ROO

Lust For A Kick


A groovy Rock track with retro sounds and a catchy beat that will have you shaking your hips.

Time For Love

The Pink Tiles

Synth sounds, rockin’ guitar licks, layered vocals and a head-boppin’ beat.  This catchy track could be straight out of the 80’s.


Red Light Eyes

The Sideshow Brides

A laid-back feel, lush guitars, characterful vocals and a sing-along chorus.  This track has it all.


North South East & West

Joe Geia

What a voice!  What a song!  What a message!  I dare you not to groove along to this smooth and funky track.


Roo is a music lover, music writer and member of the electric folk duo ROO.  When she isn’t on stage or in ‘The Dungeon’ (ROO’s affectionately named studio) she can be found in the crowd at Brisbane shows, talking to fellow music lovers over cups of tea or glued to her headphones.

You can find ROO + Roo’s Live Experience online.



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