Ellie D Chats with Tiaryn

where did your musical journey begin?

Wherever I first started singing, possibly church. I can only ever remember being obsessed with singing all the time. 

who is the inspiration behind your music?

It's more inspired by experiences and sounds than someone. But I also draw on influences like Frank Ocean, Little Dragon, Feist.

how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?

Soul infused pop with a healthy balance of sweet and feisty vocals. 

where do you write your music and lyrics?

I usually come up with chords first at the piano. I write lyrics anywhere, at the beach, on the train, but I find the ones I spontaneously sing are the ones that stick.

what do you hope to achieve by contributing to the australian music scene?

I just hope to make music that inspires or moves people. I'd also love to inspire young women to pursue a music/songwriting career. 


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what plans do you have to tour?

I hope to do a little east coast tour later in the year following the release of my EP.

which music artists would you consider collaborating with?

I'd love to collaborate with a rapper, Sampa The Great would be amazing. 

what advice do you have for upcoming singer songwriters?

Write as much and as often as you can! I've found borrowing from other great writers really inpsiring and informative but eventually you have to go deep into your own sound and ideas.