An Interview with PredZ

  Ellie D Chats with PredZ

Ellie D Chats with PredZ

Where did your musical journey begin?

Funny enough I truly believe my music journey began when I was in Primary school in the Bahamas, I had a teacher who classically trained me to sing. That was definitely my first introduction into feeling music and understanding the power it has to create an identity for you. In school I was known as that classical singer, then high school my voice dropped and I lost a lot of what I learnt but somehow I got into poetry and performance arts. If I am honest, the poetry and literary arts in High School is what truly shaped my confidence and appreciation for what was to become Rap. I moved to Australia at the age of 20, and a friend of mine was a producer. He did amazing beats from his home, and one night he asked me to have a try and see what I sounded like. By this point I had never rapped before, I actually never even thought of it. To my surprise and definitely my mate's as well, I didn't suck! He actually felt I had a natural voice for that moment PredZ was born before I even knew it, and the journey took off from there.

What do you hope to achieve through your music?

I hope to show the world that you can't judge a book by its cover - I feel as if when some people hear the term Rapper, they think in a certain way...My mission is to show that hiphop is and always have been not only powerful but immensely versatile. Therefore, I love fusing with orchestral, edm, acoustic, synths, spoken word, I've even been working on very Disney Type songs as well. I want to spread a good message, but mostly I want the world to feel something from which ever track they choose to play from PredZ.

What’s coming up for you over the next 12 months?

In the next 12 months you can expect to see and hear PredZ popping up a lot! I have a few festivals in mind that I hope to be a apart of but it is far too early to say anything. I am currently working on my unplugged album, and currently have 2 sessions from that album up on Spotify! Expect to hear a lot of PredZ in 2016 :)

What’s your proudest career moment to date?

My proudest career moment to date is: My Dream Catcher release featuring a gifted Australian singer Paige (Phoenix Web) and amazing DJ/Producer Vexento. This was powerful for me because I felt I achieved a big goal, I fused a genre with HipHop which made a lot of people feel something, and the best part was seeing the comments on how it changed their opinion on Rapping Stereotypes.

What words of wisdom do you have for upcoming music artists?

My words of wisdom is very simple…Believe in what you are doing, block out the noise and just do it, you never know where it can take you!

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Who is the inspiration behind your music?

The inspiration for my music may sound very selfish but this is true... My inspiration has mostly been myself. I have endured a lot in my little life and I've always been proud of that i.e. leaving my island in the Bahamas to pursue new life in Australia. I take my feelings, obstacles, triumphs, happy moments, artistic pictures, heartbreak, fairy tales, and even my fears ...I use all of this to inspire me to write more poetry, create more stories to somehow leave a mark on this world and to let someone else know that we all go through "Life" together...uniquely but together.

Which music artists have influenced your musical style?

Some of my favourite artists are Labrinth, Tinie Tempah, Childish Gambino, Kanye West, Pink, Eden, Kygo and so many more! They have all played a big role in the PredZ sound you hear today!

How do you define success in the music industry?

Success in the music industry is a difficult one to answer because times have really changed a lot. But honestly, success to me in this industry is collecting the “Thank you’s”, almost like a stamp collector would collect stamps. That’s all I hope for, it may be just one thank you and that can turn into millions… but success for me is helping someone feel something because that could be the very thing they needed to feel to stop them from doing something negative. Who knows right? 

Which music artists would you consider collaborating with?

I would collab with most vocalists, but really only the ones that do it for the love of music…In saying that I have done a lot of collaborations with great independent Australian artists on my soundcloud, go and check it out! But my dream would be to collab with Labrinth and/or Ellie Goulding….I am a big Broods fan as well, so I would love to see what we could create in the lab!